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ArtFire Group of Companies.


620042, RUSSIA, Yekaterinburg, Bakinskikh Komissarov St., 95,

Tel/Fax: (343) 301-25-99, 301-26-00,  e-mail:



Summary: ArtFire Group of Companies is a dynamically developing establishment with great technological abilities, highly skilled staff and reliable recommendations at fire-fighting and fire safety equipment market. The establishment is a member of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Timely execution of any order, optimal delivery dates, high service level, full accompanying documentation package, reasonable prices – all these features are the main advantages of our organization and they form a basis for reliable cooperation.

The number of our customers and partners that choose our company for its permanent high quality of equipment and services is steadily increasing. For the purpose of getting more customers, the establishment takes part in regional industrial shows.

The establishment has licenses of the Russian Emergency Ministry and Russian certificates for all proposed products that are fully meet fire safety requirements.


Primary Activities: Fabrication, delivery and mounting of fire safety equipment: translucent fire-resistant structures (doors, windows, bulkheads, face wall systems); fireproof metal doors, hatches, gates; fire-cock cases; primary fire fighting appliances. Protective cover glass (shockproof, breaking-proof, bullet-proof up to 6A Class). Design of security systems, design and agreement of Specifications for unique construction projects, fire protection Specifications in cooperation with the Russian Emergency Ministry Departments, project appraisal for conformity to civil defense, critical emergency conditions and fire safety requirements.

Door Case, Fireproof, Translucent, EI 60

Product mix: Glass and structures from aluminium section (have more advantages in comparison with structures from steel section) that meet fireproof requirements (loss of integrity and heat-insulating ability criteria); many of our technologies are patented; we use translucent fireproof composite glass of «FIRE-PRO» Grade in structures (the glass is made by our company and have excellent optical properties).

Fire-resistance of translucent structures from aluminium sections Series 520, 600, 770 (manufactured by VSMPO) is provided by filling of aluminium sections with special compositions. Besides this, the company use translucent filling material "FIRE-PRO". This material is made from silicate glass and plastic adhesive composition. Main feature of this material is ability to foam under high temperatures [150-300ºС] and form a heat-protective coke layer. That’s why, when fire occurs in a building, fire-resistant structures provide smoke protection and allow to localize ignition and stop fire.

Translucent structures fire-resistance tests are performed in accordance with “Temporary Method for Translucent Building Structures Fire-resistance Test”. According to this method, a specimen taken from the structure is exposured to unidirectional thermal action under standard temperature condition.

Fireproof glass is broken into several classes:

  1. Class Е – provide general flame and hot gas protection;
  2. Class I – provide high temperature protection (heat-insulating glass).

So, glass with flame and gas protection ability during 30 minutes is identified with E30 code; if the glass provide additional high temperature protection, it has EI30 identification code.


Translucent Fireproof Structures

Translucent Fireproof Door, Aluminium Frame

Door Case, Fireproof, Translucent, EIW 15 - EIW 60


Translucent Fireproof Window, Aluminium Frame

Window Case, Fireproof, Translucent (blind) E 15 - E 90


Translucent Fireproof Bulkhead, Aluminium Frame

Bulkhead, Fireproof, Translucent, EIW 15 - EIW 60






Translucent Structures: Bullet-proof Cover Glass

Protection Class

Type of Weapon

Cartridge Description and Index Bullet Characteristics Distance of Fire
Type of core Mass, g. Speed, m per sec.
3 Submachine Gun АК-74 5,45mm 7N6 cartridge with PS bullet Steel, non-thermostengthened 3,4 890-910 5-10
Submachine Gun АКМ 7,62mm 57-N-231 cartridge with PS bullet Steel, non-thermostengthened 7,9 710-740 5-10
4 Submachine Gun АК-74 5,45mm 7N10 cartridge with PP bullet Steel, thermostrengthened 3,4 890-910 5-10
5 Rifle SVD 7,62mm 57-N-323 cartridge with PS bullet Steel, non-thermostengthened 9,6 820-840 5-10
Submachine Gun АКМ 7,62mm 57-N-231 cartridge with PS bullet Steel, thermostrengthened 7,9 710-740 5-10
5a Submachine Gun АКМ 7,62mm 57-BЗ-231 cartridge with BZ bullet Special, armour-piercing, incendiary 7,4 720-750 5-10
6 Rifle SVD 7,62mm СТ-М2 cartridge Steel, thermostrengthened 9,6 820-840 5-10
6a Rifle SVD 7,62mm 57-BЗ-231 cartridge with BZ bullet Special, armour-piercing, incendiary 10,4 800-835 5-10


Properties of «ArtFire» structures correspond to properties of world leaders’ products. Production capacities of the company allow to deliver required structures almost in any volume.

      (P)      ArtFire Group 2005-2012

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